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In tumultuous times, love softly resounds, a melody of compassion that knows no bounds.

Amidst chaos' dance, love gracefully weaves, a tapestry of solace, for all to perceive.

Through trials and tribulations we grow, in unity we stand, in compassion we thrive,

An ode to humanity, may it forever survive.

The 33PRESS design ink brush chinese word and big caslon fonts.png

“The LOVE Hidden In The CHAOS” a carefully crafted line of merchandise that serves as a pillar of support for my artistic growth. Through meticulously designed creations, my intention is to foster a sense of unity among my community and offer aid to the noble volunteers engaged in humanitarian endeavors.

In my contemplative gaze, I discern an intriguing parallel between the left component of the conventional Chinese character "亂 CHAOS" and the character "愛 LOVE." Language, and in particular Chinese characters, an ever-evolving tapestry, bears witness to my contribution, as I seamlessly merge these two characters into an inseparable union where it did not exist, thus bestowing a novel significance upon their convergence. This amalgamation serves as a poignant reminder, encapsulating the very essence of my message—an enduring testament that amidst the tumultuous throes of disorder and uncertainty, love and solace persist, wielding an awe-inspiring potency to shape a benevolent world.

The English counterpart of the brand "F U ₵ K $ U R R E N D E R," embodies the indomitable spirit of "NEVER GIVE UP," serving as a beacon of hope for those traversing the dimly lit corridors of adversity. May we be the lighthouse for those who find themselves in dark times.

As a native Hong Kong individual, born and bred in the vibrant city, I announce that the anticipated phase of merchandise pre-orders commenced on 15 June 2023. With an ardent desire to create a positive impact, I have resolved to pledge a contribution of 10% from the proceeds of each purchase, which will be channeled directly to accredited organizations dedicated to aiding refugees (REFUGEE UNION) and supporting valiant volunteers (DRINK FOR JUSTICE, a registered refugees support charity in Hong Kong). These invaluable entities extend crucial resources and unwavering assistance to those uprooted from their homelands by the ravages of war, natural calamities, or other dire circumstances. Moreover, they offer indispensable aid to the selfless volunteers who toil relentlessly to bring succor and solace to those in dire need. Her aspiration is to inspire kindred souls to join her in this noble pursuit, thus lending their support to these indispensable causes.